Touch has been a key source of healing for me and my aim is to facilitate that personal transformation in others. Over the years, I have spent time exploring the realm of the healing arts, and expanding into the field of bodywork has proven to be a natural and invaluable addition. I’ve found massage therapy to be the right fusion of my desires for learning and being of service to others, as well as a way to bring more balance into my own life. I graduated from the Institute of Bodywork Studies with 500+ hours of massage training and I am continually building on that foundation.

As a trauma-informed massage therapist, I want to help people feel safe and comfortable in their own bodies. I believe massage therapy is an integral component of true holistic health and I advocate for the importance of the mind, body and soul connection. I have experienced first-hand how stress and anxiety can wreak havoc on the body and I deeply understand how important it is to tend to our inner peace. With compassion and intentional touch, I am here to provide a calm and healing space for my clients.