Life has a way of pulling us into our heads and disconnecting us from our bodies, in turn, creating distance between us and true holistic well-being. I believe that by dedicating time to really experience “being in our bodies” again, we can develop a greater capacity to listen to ourselves and the world around us more deeply.

From first-hand experience, I know massage therapy to be a powerful somatic method that allows the body to shift, feel and move with more ease. My approach to massage therapy is rooted in the belief that by tapping and tuning into our bodies, we reclaim our ability to operate closer to our source of intuition and imagination.

I have spent many years exploring the realm of the healing arts, and expanding into the field of bodywork has proven to be a natural and invaluable addition. I’ve found massage therapy to be the right fusion of my desires for learning and being of service to others, as well as a way to bring more balance into my own life. I graduated from the Massage Institute of North Texas with 500+ hours of massage training and I am continually building on that foundation.

As a trauma-informed massage therapist, I am here to provide compassionate and intentional touch in a calm and safe space. My sessions focus on tailoring our work together to your individual goals, releasing trapped tension and guiding the power back to you, aiming to leave you with feelings of relief and inner-peace.

Please ask any questions and communicate any concerns before, during or after our sessions. My goal is always to help you feel safe and comfortable.