Katie first discovered her love for body work through the avenue of teaching yoga. She started to do a short neck or foot massage (not in the same class) for each student at the end of the class. Many people told her that she should be a massage therapist because of her nurturing but strong and intuitive touch.

Katie has taught group fitness and yoga classes for the last 15 years and has been massaging for 5. She graduated from Sterling Health center and went on to do her own private practice for a while. She then practiced massage at Life Time while managing the group fitness department and now is so excited to be part of the Soma family where she knows the environment is one of wellness and balance which is what she was seeking for herself and her clients.

Katie was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia & Occipital Neuralgia. This first of the two is nicknamed “suicide disease” as it is so painful that many patients can not continue on. Katie has found that with massage and medicine with her neurologist’s regular care has helped her to live a normal healthy life. She empathizes with people who feel deep, terrible pain and wants to do her best to prevent or alleviate that pain as much as possible.

During school Katie was astonished at the benefits of prenatal massage and because she missed out on these benefits when she was pregnant and nursing her two children she became very passionate about helping other pregnant people.

Along with Pre-natal, Katie has experience with Swedish gymnastics, deep tissue, hot stones, cryotherapy, contrast therapy, chakra aromatherapy and has cared for many different people that experience fibromyalgia, mental disorders and more than you can see listed below.

Katie wants everyone on her table to feel comfortable, she encourages her clients to communicate with her throughout their body work session to let her know if pressure is okay, whether they are comfortable or not and ensure that they get everything out of the session possible.