Kt (they/them/she/her) has a passion for utilizing massage and bodywork as a tool for strengthening the relationship to the body and ultimately deepening access to the self. Understanding that health and wellbeing is holistic, Kt believes a fluid balance between mind/body/spirit is fundamental to personal expansion no matter what your individual treatment goals may be. Whether you desire an indulgent, relaxing massage or space to work on restoring the body after long-term injuries and trauma, Kt is able to meet you wherever you are on your journey. In a session with Kt, the intention will always be to guide you, the client, along the road to yourself through mobilizing the body to it’s own extremely capable healing abilities.

Working as a healthcare data analyst after college, Kt held an interesting perspective within the corporate medical and pharmaceutical industry. After years of operating behind-the-scene statistics of the hospital revenue cycle, the data trends within this dominant industry’s approach to wellness became hard to ignore (ordinary people with insurance finding themselves in crippling medical debt, professionals prescribing for symptoms with more symptom-causing medications, specialized doctors failing to see the body as comprehensively connected, etc.) Kt’s growing desire to actually work with and help people meet their wellness needs was incongruent to their current job and, after being offered a promotion and experiencing their own health diagnoses, they decided to leave the corporate medical world. They submitted their resignation and on the same day enrolled in the Institute of Bodywork Studies, ecstatic to pursue their passion of holistic health as a massage therapist.

Kt graduated from the Institute of Bodywork Studies with 500+ hours of massage training and has been eagerly building upon that foundation ever since. Trained professionally in Swedish, deep tissue, Myofascial release, cupping, hot stone therapy and therapeutic sports massage, they have experience working with a diverse range of body types and abilities. Kt practices bodywork within a trauma-informed, body positive HAES lens and uses energetic techniques throughout a session to promote physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Their style can be described as flowy, tranquil and intuitive, even when practicing more aggressive techniques like deep tissue and trigger point therapy. Kt finds great pleasure in their work as a massage therapist and looks forward to collaborate with you to meet your treatment needs!