I am a graduate of Healing Hands Massage Institute in Richardson, TX (500 hour program). I went to massage school during the pandemic, aced all my classes, and been massaging since early 2022. I discovered my love for massage at age 12 when I would frequently give them to family members. Throughout my teenage years, I continued practicing and always wanted to learn to become better at it. Once I realized my huge potential to become a massage therapist and a successful one at that, that’s when I decided to put my talents to use and go to massage school to be an LMT. Becoming a massage therapist is one of the greatest things that’s ever happened to me, it saved my life, and I’m glad I’m able to help people in need of self care. I take pride in what I do, I love that I’m helping people, and I want my clients to leave feeling much needed relief.

I have a lot of experience working with people who suffer from conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, as well as chiropractor patients and more listed below. I’m able to perform modalities like hot stone massage, aromatherapy, CBD massage, etc. Alongside relaxing modalities like hand/foot scrubs, paraffin wax, skin serum massage, etc.

I also do all pressures; Light, Medium, Firm, and Deep. Whether you need some good deep pressure and/or deep tissue for some much needed muscle tightness/stiffness relief to feel brand new or if you just need some nice relaxation and a relaxing experience, I got you covered.

Self care overall is very important and so is a safe environment, so I aim to achieve both of those. I encourage all clients to be honest, let me know what they need, let me know if the pressure is okay, and let me know of any improvements.

I look forward to continuing my career as an LMT for many years to come and helping people any way I can.