Terry (he/him) has been a practicing Massage Therapist for 31 years. Over the course of his career he has been fortunate to witness the evolution of Massage Therapy. From being considered a luxury to becoming an important, and recognized, part of so many people’s lives on their journey to wellness and well-being.

Terry began his practice working with athletes: People participating in running, cycling, and team sports at all levels, from recreational to professional. Injury correction, chronic pain management, and enhanced recovery were and continue to be primary goals.

Massage is important for athletes in achieving and maintaining optimal performance levels. Yet all of us compete daily with life: Work, kids, traffic, and managing a household are all as stressful and exhausting as any athletic training.

Terry’s goal as a Therapist is to utilize all the various techniques and knowledge I’ve gained over the years to craft a session that addresses the needs of each client. His philosophy is to combine Deep Tissue work with relaxation work to achieve these goals.

He feels that a state of deep relaxation makes the body more receptive to deeper pressure and trigger point work.