HSA, Flex, and Insurance payments

Soma Massage Therapy is not affiliated with any insurance provider and we do not do any medical coding or billing. However, we are listed as “medical massage”, which gives you the option of paying for your appointments using your HSA card or Flex account. (Check with your insurance provider to find out more about what your plan covers, and what type of documentation you may need.)

We also have some clients who have successfully submitted forms to their insurance companies to apply for reimbursement payments.  We can’t promise that your insurance company will do the same for you, but we encourage you to give them a call anyway and find out what the procedure might be.

We are happy to provide any documentation you might need to seek reimbursement: invoices, letterhead, and/or charts. We keep records for every single appointment and can provide you with copies as needed.

To submit a request for documentation, please email us at [email protected].

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